3d开机号列表:Ubuntu for the Internet of Things

上海天天彩选四公式 www.uhh3o.cn From home control to drones, robots and industrial systems, Ubuntu Core provides robust security, app stores and reliable updates. Ubuntu makes development easy, and snap packages make Ubuntu Core secure and reliable for widely distributed devices.

Company logos of companies who choose Ubuntu Core

Leading brands choose Ubuntu Core for security, apps and updates

Digital signage

A small footprint and full OpenGL with reliable updates across a diverse range of hardware make Ubuntu Core a perfect platform for millions of digital signs.

Digital signage on Ubuntu ›


With ROS and snapcraft, it’s easy to enable apps on robots and drones, creating new ecosystems and business models.

Robots and drones, rocking Ubuntu Core ›


Rich networking and protocol support make Ubuntu Core the perfect choice for your industrial gateways. Create the next wave of industrial control and intelligence with Ubuntu Core.

IoT gateways on Ubuntu ›

App stores for software-defined things

Today’s devices are defined by software. Ubuntu is the world’s most widely trusted Linux for developers, providing the talent and tools to grow your app store and ecosystem.

Snaps allow developers to build and deploy applications in a format that’s easily portable and upgradeable across a number of IoT devices so that a cognitive relationship between the cloud and the edges of the network can be established.

Mac Devine, IBM Vice President & CTO of Emerging Technology & Advanced Innovation

Update Control, and peace of mind included

Regular updates for the operating system and apps defend devices from ongoing attacks, addressing security issues automatically. Update Control ensures that changes are certified by manufacturers or ISVs. When a single security flaw can compromise millions of devices, or a bad update require a product recall, robust platform assurances provide confidence in the integrity of critical infrastructure.

Snaps for security

Ubuntu Core is an all-snap version of Ubuntu. A snap is a secure, easily upgraded, universal Linux package for an app and all its dependencies. Snaps are:

  • Confined for strict security
  • Transactional for reliable updates
  • Compressed to save disk space
  • Easy to create and distribute
  • Widely adopted by industry leaders

Learn how to make a snap

Look who’s leading

The making of the Nextcloud box

In this webinar, Nextcloud founder, Frank Karlitschek, describes the creation of the Nextcloud box, a secure self-hosted cloud that lets consumers take control of their personal data.

Watch the Nextcloud webinar

Tunnel drones, going where man cannot

AeroLion Technologies’s UAVs are undertaking tasks autonomously and helping to inspect areas that were previously unreachable, either due to extreme or dangerous conditions or because the area is geographically inaccessible.

Read the AeroLion case study

Azeti raises the bar for field operations

Azeti Networks is a global provider of IoT technology to companies from telecommunications to manufacturing, finance and healthcare. Azeti chose Ubuntu Core for improved operations and security.

Read the Azeti Networks case study

Dell — defining industrial intelligence

The Dell Edge Gateway range bring familiar X86 robust connectivity to the industrial market, making it easy to create and manage diverse industrial control systems for static and mobile applications.

Learn more about the Dell Edge Gateway

From prototype to production on all major platforms

Qualcomm logo

Qualcomm Dragonboard

64-bit ARM boards bring high-end performance to the low-power segment, enabling a new class of drones and mobile intelligence.

Learn more on qualcomm.com

Samsung Artik logo

Samsung Artik

Easy to integrate, easy to operate, the Samsung Artik range of IoT modules enable rapid prototyping and a fast path to production across a range of power and performance.

Learn more on artik.io

Intel Up-squared

UP Squared Grove IoT Development Kit

The UP Squared Grove IoT Development Kit is a high performance board and sensors pack that provides a clear path to production, simple set up and configuration with pre-installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and IoT libraries.

Learn more on intel.com

Raspberry Pi logo

Raspberry Pi2 and Pi3

For fun, for education and for profit, the RPi makes device development personal and entertaining. With support for both the Pi2 and the new Pi3, Ubuntu Core supports the world’s most beloved board.

Learn more on rasberrypi.org

Best for developers

With Ubuntu Core, you can develop a packaged application on your laptop, then monetise it by publishing it directly to the snap store.

Learn about developing with Ubuntu Core

Let’s work together

Talk to us if you are thinking about using Ubuntu Core for your next Internet of Things project.

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