Ubuntu on public clouds

上海天天彩选四公式 www.uhh3o.cn The most popular operating system across public clouds is Ubuntu, because we work closely with major cloud operators to optimise the kernel and system for their infrastructure, speed up security updates and minimise the cost of network or storage for users by default.

  • Canonical guarantees the consistency, security and performance of Ubuntu on public clouds
  • Enterprise-grade commercial support is available
  • Twice as popular on the Amazon cloud as all other operating systems combined *

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A selection of our certified public cloud partners

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Why use Ubuntu Server in the cloud?

  • Proven for enterprise-scale workloads on all leading public clouds
  • Free from licence fees, regardless of how many images you run
  • Enterprise-grade support and management tools available direct from Canonical
  • Maintenance and security updates guaranteed for five years with Ubuntu LTS


Ubuntu cloud guest

Understand why certified Ubuntu images are essential for anyone that requires the highest level of security and reliability.

Fast service deployment with Juju

Grid of juju charm icons including wordpress, hadoop, django, MySQL, MongoDB and OpenStack

Juju is the fastest way to deploy and scale out your workloads on the leading public clouds. With Juju charm bundles, you can launch an entire cloud environment with one click, or just one command using the CLI. Use Juju to deploy your entire application infrastructure, all in one.

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The best management and support

Landscape managing 913 machines screenshot

The Ubuntu Advantage support service has flexible Ubuntu Virtual Guest options, designed for virtualised enterprise workloads on Ubuntu-certified public clouds. Thanks to Landscape, efficient management of all your Ubuntu instances is only a few clicks away. And with the Canonical Livepatch Service, you can apply critical kernel patches without rebooting.

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Developers’ favourite

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution for development and deployment. If your developers already use Ubuntu, moving to the cloud is even easier.

Learn more about Ubuntu for developers ›

Ready to get started?

Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS is a free download that includes five years worth of security and maintenance updates, guaranteed. Using an Ubuntu partner cloud ensures access to the latest certified Ubuntu cloud images. To run Ubuntu as guest on participating public clouds, the simplest way is to use the image maintained on their server.

Start using Ubuntu today

* zdnet.com, 27 August 2015

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